I worked with Larry Kamer during a tumultuous, challenging and highly-visible public affairs crisis which played out in the national media and before the U.S. Congress when I was serving as Group Vice President for Public Policy and Government/Industry Affairs at Toyota Motor North America. Toyota found itself in the unenviable position of having to respond to a vehicle recall situation which became front page and top TV media coverage over many months and was the focus of multiple Congressional oversight hearings. Larry was one of the key advisors to Toyota during the company's recent vehicle recall crisis in his capacity as Managing Director of the Glover Park Group in Washington, DC. Larry provided strategic advice and counsel to company senior executives and devised successful communications and public affairs activities with his team in support of the company's efforts to manage the recall situation."
Josephine S. Cooper, Group Vice President for Public Policy and Government/Industry Affairs (Ret.),
Toyota Motor Company

Larry's strategic counsel and leadership during crisis situations was critical. We especially appreciated his ability to construct a thoughtful and deliberate communications plan with concise messaging. It is with his assistance that we were able to successfully navigate during the most turbulent of times."
Chris Tomasso, Former Vice President of Marketing, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.

Larry is among the nation's most respected corporate communications executives."
The Glover Park Group

I've been in the room with Larry Kamer when clients have faced their toughest reputation challenges and crises.  What I witnessed was a premier strategic thinker, a decisive manager and a poised leader guide both individuals and entire corporate infrastructures through the roughest of terrain. Larry is one of those unique colleagues who raises the performance level of all of those on the team around him."
Kevin Madden, Republican Strategist, Washington DC

What we appreciate most is our long term relationship with Larry Kamer. Over the years we have continued to build on his extraordinary understanding of our issues. Through some difficult and sensitive situations, both the advice and execution we received resulted in far better public understanding of what we were trying to do."
Gerson Bakar, Property Developer and Manager

I trust Larry's guidance implicitly based on his work with us, his many successes in extremely challenging situations, and his personal sense of integrity and what is the right thing to do. Larry is all about getting to the truth, good or bad, in a way that makes the public either a celebratory or sympathetic participant in the event."
Kari Novatney, Former Board President and CEO, Zeum

In 2005, I needed a proven and dependable crisis communications agency to partner with me in guiding Reebok International Ltd. through the most significant crisis it had ever faced.  That agency was MS&L. Larry Kamer took lead and was lock-step with me throughout the entire ordeal.  In addition to this being Reebok’s biggest crisis, it was the most difficult period of my career – professionally and personally. I leaned on Larry heavily.  Yet, he and his team never broke. I needed, and they delivered.  Under Larry’s leadership, the MS&L crisis team helped steer Reebok through the crisis in a way that prevented the brand from being permanently scarred. The brand was able to maintain its reputation as a human rights pioneer and innovative product developer and marketer."
Denise Kaigler, former Head of Corporate Communications, U.S., Adidas Group/Reebok, now with Boston Scientific Corporation

Larry Kamer is one of the most insightful strategists in the communications business. Unlike many public affairs consultants, he does not offer cookie-cutter solutions. Larry first takes the time to listen and gain a clear understanding of an organization's challenges. He then applies his extensive experience and sharp intellect to develop concrete solutions to the complex issues leaders face."
Craig Kennedy, President and CEO, The German Marshall Fund of the United States

When our company, Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, was in need of a trustworthy, astute and sensitive communications firm, we asked several of our most-respected colleagues whom they might recommend. Each person gave one recommendation without hesitation: Larry Kamer. Our timeline to make our decision was very short, so we trusted their judgment and after one brief conversation with Larry, we knew we had found the right person and firm to handle our situation."
Thomas W. LaTour, Chairman/CEO (ret.), Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, LLC

A crisis carries twin threats for any enterprise: snowballing reputation damage that undermines stakeholder confidence and a sustained loss of strategic focus that imperils effective execution of the business plan. Larry Kamer is your best bet to avert or at least mitigate both of those outcomes. Trust him early and often. He is a discrete, ethical and clear-eyed expert at containing issues before they catch fire and extinguishing fires before they spread."
Ed Cafasso, Senior Vice President, Director of Corporate Communications, Sovereign Bank-Santander US

The Kamer Group supports Round Table Pizza with crisis management and communications planning services. They provided us the highest quality consulting and coached our leaders on effectively dealing with internal and external audiences. Their services allowed us to smoothly navigate some very turbulent waters."
Jim Robertson, Vice President, Human Resources & Franchise Services, Round Table Pizza Corporation

Larry Kamer is a smart strategist, talks the language of business, understands the dynamics of politics, and rolls up his sleeves to get the job done. He's been a trusted partner for more than 20 years."
James Falaschi, CEO, Bay Area Regional Center